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NHI Bahamas has reached Milestone Enrollment

Nassau, Bahamas – December 12th, 2022 –

In a move that continues to enhance the standard of care within The Bahamas, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) and the Hospital’s Healthcare Facilities Licensing Board (HHCFLB) have collaborated on the country’s Healthcare Facility Inspection requirements.

An initiative endorsed by the Ministry of Health and Wellness; the NHIA and HHCFLB are aligning the Facility Inspection requirements which allows for synchronization across both networks. This will not only standardize Facility Inspections in the country but also aid in improving the quality of care received by Bahamians throughout.

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Honorable Dr. Michael Darville added that this move will be one of many as the Ministry of Health and Wellness continues to seek ways to build on and enhance healthcare practices.

Through this newly established partnership, healthcare facilities that have completed the inspection process with the NHIA will not be required to complete an additional inspection with the HHCFLB. This initiative is in alignment with the NHIA Primary Care Transformation Initiative (PCTI), as the need to integrate and remove duplication from within the healthcare sector is key as the country continues to move towards Universal Healthcare.

“When we launched PCTI back in October 2020 one of our goals was to integrate the public primary healthcare systems. This partnership with the HHCFLB aims to do just that and we are happy to see this transition and look forward to many more opportunities to advance healthcare within The Bahamas” said CEO and Managing Director of the NHIA, Mrs. Christy Butler.

Dr. Valron Grimes, Chairman of the Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Licensing Board explains that this is a goal she is happy to see now come to fruition. “A few months ago, my team and I spoke with Honorable Dr. Darville, Minister of Health and Wellness, he gave us clear instructions on goals we need to achieve as a board to ensure that ALL Healthcare Facilities in The Bahamas whether public or private meet Best Practice standards. In an effort to achieve our goals, we are very pleased to collaborate with the NHIA.”


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