Adjustments to NHI Enrolment Locations on New Providence

Nassau, The Bahamas – July 13, 2017 — As NHI Bahamas continues to identify cost savings and efficiencies in an effort to streamline the organization’s operations and budget, it has been determined that the last day to access NHI enrolment services at Cotton Tree Plaza, on Bernard Road, will be Friday July 14th, 2017.

As of Monday July 17th, 2017, Stationary in-person enrolment activities on New Providence will be managed out of the NHI Bahamas Headquarters on East Street and Purpose Way. Customer service representatives will be available to enrol eligible Bahamians for the programme during the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm (Monday-Friday). Recognizing the need for enrolment activities in various communities, regular mobile/popup enrolment activities will continue to occur on a scheduled basis. Please look out for announcements detailing the locations for these in-community enrolments in the near future.

Over 25,000 Bahamians and legal residents have enrolled into the NHI Bahamas programme to date and selected their doctors from the public or private sector. Enrolment continues to remain open for persons who wish to receive physician and laboratory Primary Care services at no cost at point of care.

Residents in the Family Islands can also continue to enrol online or in-person at their local NIB office.

For the fastest and most convenient option, eligible persons are encouraged to enrol online at

Registration for the NIB Smart Card is managed out of the NIB Headquarters and at the Carmichael Road office in New Providence, as well as NIB offices throughout the Family Islands during normal business hours.


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Phone: 396-8500


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