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Primary Care Providers play a pivotal role in shaping a health care system that is modern, affordable and accessible. Beneficiaries across the country are currently enroling in NHI Bahamas and selecting their Primary Care Providers.

Primary Care Facilities and Primary Care Providers must be registered with NHI Bahamas in order to provide services outlined in the NHI Primary Care Benefits Package.




How to register

Registration for Primary Care Provider physicians,  laboratory, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy services are now open.

Facilities must register with NHI Bahamas in order to provide services. Please carefully review the step by step registration guide before you begin your application.

You need to have all your documents and information ready before you begin the application for your facility. Once you begin the online application, you cannot save it and complete it at a later date.

Access the online application form at:


A simple how-to manual outlining how Providers must submit NHI claims and reports of service

Added May 12, 2017

A helpful step-by-step process guide to the Primary Care Provider registration process

Added January 31, 2017

These are some of the commonly asked questions by different provider groups that were raised during the provider consultation meetings.

Added January 31, 2017

Helps Primary Care Providers learn more about the on-site facility inspection

Added January 31, 2017

Primary Care Providers must undergo an on-site facility inspection. Providers can use this checklist to conduct the self-assessment

Added March 8, 2017

Helps registered providers learn more about how they can reserve spots for their patients for NHI Primary Care.

Added January 31, 2017

The latest draft of the NHI Bahamas Provider Registration Policy

Added March 9, 2017

In the first phase of coverage (primary care), Bahamians will receive a number of health services at no out of pocket cost.

Added April 5, 2017

A checklist of medical supplies for facilities. Providers can use this checklist to conduct the self-assessment

Added January 31, 2017

Find out more about capitation, which describes payment to a health care provider on a per-patient rather than a per-service basis.

Added January 31, 2017
How to submit a bundle notification

A short guide demonstrating how NHI Primary Care Providers submit a bundle notification.

Submitting Reports of Service

Learn how NHI Bahamas Providers can submit reports of service following a visit with an NHI beneficiary.

How do you register as a Primary Care Provider with NHI Bahamas?

There are three simple steps to registering as a Primary Care Provider.

How is health care in The Bahamas changing?

Dr. Brennen explains why it's important for providers to register with NHI Bahamas.

Why is NHI Bahamas better for patients?

"With NHI Bahamas, patients will present with a guaranteed form of payment and don't have to worry about whether or not they have the ability to pay," Dr. Delon Brennen, NHI Project Manager.

Why is NHI Bahamas better for health providers?

With NHI Bahamas, Primary Care Providers are going to receive a compensation that is either on par with or likely to be higher than they're getting right now.

How can Providers register for NHI Bahamas?

Dr. Delon Brennen, NHI Project Manager, explains how providers can register for NHI Bahamas.