What’s primary care?

Understanding what primary health care is, can be helpful to someone who is not sure whether or not they need it. Since each person is unique, there are a variety of conditions a patient may need treatment for. This is why we strive to customize the treatment to the patient’s needs. The full benefits package can be found below:

Why have a primary care provider?

A primary care provider is your long-term health partner, providing complete health care across your lifespan. Through regular wellness visits and routine physicals, they become familiar with your overall health and can offer treatment options that are best suited to your needs. They can catch potential problems early before they become serious or life-threatening. They can help you avoid trips to the emergency room and hospital stays by being the first to treat any health problems that may arise. They know when you need more advanced care and will refer you to specialists they trust.

  • What's not covered?

    • Diagnostic imaging
    • Pharmacy services and medications
    • Any emergencies such as a heart attack, broken bone
    • Inpatient care while you’re in the hospital
    • Surgeries, chemo, and radiation therapy
    • Vision, dentist, physiotherapist, or oncologist
  • What's not covered?

    • Special maternity care for complex pregnancies
    • Delivery of babies
    • MRI and CT Scan
    • Overseas care
    • Rehabilitative care
    • Medication

By the ages

  • Maternity and infants (0-12 years)

    NHI Bahamas provides access to prenatal care to ensure that mother and baby are healthy during pregnancy. Regular prenatal care throughout your pregnancy includes:

    • Pregnancy tests
    • Primary Care visits
    • Blood tests to check for any diseases

    Infants are also eligible for Primary Care visits upon enrolment, this includes:

    • Tests and measurements at birth
    • Immunizations
    • Regular check ups including hearing and vision screening
  • Kids (12 months – 12 years)

    Healthy kids are happy kids, and the NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package includes services to help keep your kids healthy. From 24 months to 12 years, your children will receive regular Primary Care visits for:

    • Growth measurements
    • Hearing and vision screening
    • Developmental screening
    • Tuberculosis testing
    • Asthma care
    • All required immunizations including: chicken pox, measles, and booster shots
  • Adults


    Under the NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package, teens can receive:

    • Annual check ups
    • Assessment of healthy lifestyle choices including: diet and exercise, safe sex and the risks of alcohol and tobacco use
    • Mental health screening
    • Testing for sexually transmitted infections
    • Vaccinations


    Men have an elevated risk of developing certain illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and prostate disease. The NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package helps with the prevention and management of these diseases:

    • Monitoring and early detection of disease
    • Annual prostate tests for men over the age of 40
    • Counselling on how to reduce risks of diseases like diabetes and alcoholism


    Women have unique health care needs, with reproductive health and disease prevention at the center. The NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package helps women take control of their health by providing:

    • PAP smears
    • Screening for breast and cervical cancer
    • Pregnancy care
    • Annual examinations
    • Cancer Prevention


    Adults over 50 receive additional benefits to ensure healthy aging. Older Bahamians receive:

    • Regular screening for dementia, depression, alcohol misuse and elder abuse
    • Management of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes

By the ailment

  • Asthma

    • Asthma is a concern for persons of all ages. If poorly managed, asthma can result in a lower quality of life. If you think you or your child has asthma, the NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package covers regular asthma care visits.
  • Cancer prevention

    Cancer is one of the leading causes of death amongst Bahamians. Preventative measures, including regular screening, can help identify cancer at the early stages before it becomes more serious. The NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package covers:

    • Specific tests that screen for prostate, breast, and cervical cancers
    • Blood tests to assess risks of developing cancer
  • Diabetes

    Did you know that 1 in 4 Bahamians have elevated blood sugar levels that suggest they are at risk for diabetes? Additionally, 80% of Bahamians are overweight, which significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes.

    The NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package can help you prevent or manage diabetes through:

    • Blood sugar monitoring
    • Management assistance through regular Primary Care visits
  • Hypertension and high cholesterol

    Did you know that 16% of Bahamians aged 25-64 have high cholesterol and one-third have high blood pressure?

    It is important to know how to prevent or manage high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The NHI Bahamas Primary Care Benefits Package help patients through:

    • Counselling on healthy eating and exercise to lower risk
    • Blood pressure and blood sugar testing
    • Cholesterol screening
    • Analysis of kidney and liver function


  • Labs

    With NHI Bahamas, eligible persons no longer have to pay for certain lab tests to find out if they are sick. This includes:

    • Blood tests to check immune function, blood sugar, cholesterol, hormone levels, and organ function
    • Blood tests for HIV and blood disorders like sickle cell anemia

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