Accepting New Patients

Children ages 0-18 ONLY
Tuesday 1:00Pm-7:00pm
Wednesday 1:00Pm-7:00pm
Thursday 1:00Pm-7:00pm
Friday 1:00Pm-7:00pm
Specialty Paediatrics
Island New Providence
Address #8 Carmichael Road & East Avenue, Nassau
Gender Female
Phone (242) 601-6903

NHI Bahamas Primary Care Providers

During enrolment, you will be asked to select your Preferred NHI Bahamas registered Primary Care Providers from the list below.

Successful selection of a Primary Care Provider will ensure you are enrolled with the provider for a 12-month period from the commencement of NHI services.

Certain Provider Specialties are limited to certain age groups, specifically:

  • Pediatricians will treat beneficiaries between 0 – 18 years of age
  • Internists will treat beneficiaries above 18+ years of age
  • Family Medicine Specialists and General Practices serve all age groups unless specified otherwise.

What to consider when selecting a provider selection:

  • Convenience – select a provider near your home or workplace for easy access
  • Specialty – select a provider which is appropriately trained to serve you or your children

Please call or visit our office for enrollment or any other program inquiries. (242) 396-8500