You’ll need to be enrolled into NHI Bahamas in order to access a range of Primary Care services, at no cost at point of service. Enroll either in-person or online today!

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Enrollment is now open! Click the video to learn who’s eligible and how to enrol in NHI Bahamas. Don’t stand in line, enrol online.

Check your eligibility

You are eligible to enroll if:

  1. You have been issued a NIB Smart Card; and
  2. You are either a citizen of The Bahamas or a legal resident of The Bahamas

You need at least one (1) document from the list below to prove your residency for the last 6 months before enrollment.

  • utility bill in your name (e.g., home phone, gas, electricity, cable);
  • housing contract (e.g., monthly rental agreements, lease or proof of property ownership);
  • unemployment assistance documentation;
  • RISE programme documentation;
  • designation of The Bahamas as the applicant’s permanent address on all school and/or employment records;
Complete an application form

You will have to submit a separate application form for each child and other legal dependents.

The NHIA is committed to the highest standards of privacy and information management. Please review the NHIA Privacy Policy for more details on how beneficiary personal health information is protected.


Pick your doctor

A full list of doctors registered with NHI Bahamas is available below.

Do you have a private insurance plan? You’ll need to give the name of your insurance, as well as the group ID number and your member number. Don’t worry, this is just for benefits coordination. You will not lose any benefits by submitting this information.

You’ve enrolled

Enrollment forms will be processed and persons can expect to receive either confirmation of their enrollment and Primary Care Provider selection within 10 business days, or be contacted to provide additional documentation. Confirmation notices will also provide the date when each person can access Primary Care services under NHI Bahamas at no cost at point of care.

If you enrollled more than 14 days ago and haven’t heard from us, first check your junk mail or spam folder in your email. Then, reach out to us at with your NIB number and Submission ID, and we’ll follow up on the status of your application.


A full list of NHI Bahamas registered Primary Care Providers can be found below:

A full list of NHI Bahamas Lab Providers can be found below:


Don’t stand in line, enroll online! If you want to enroll in person, you can do so at the following locations:

Enrollment in New Providence

NHI Bahamas Building, East Street & Purpose Way, Nassau

  • Open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday
  • This location does not issue NIB Smart Cards


General Inquires: (242) 396-8500

Enrollments & Provider Change: (242) 396-8513

*A list of our most frequently asked questions can be viewed here.

East Street & Purpose Way; Nassau, Bahamas

General Inquires

(242) 396-8500

Email Us

NHIA has temporarily paused in person enrollment until further notice. For immediate assistance or to enroll online, contact us at 396.8500 ext. 0 or email us at Today