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Non Medical Benefits of NHI Bahamas

Providing more than just medical services, NHI Bahamas allows you to truly take control of your health. To keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, make sure you know your benefits under NHI Bahamas.

Major Disease Burden: Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Diabetes

As part of the NHI Bahamas primary care benefits package, prevention, screening and treatment for diseases are included at no out of pocket cost. Know your benefits under #NHIBahamas.

Are you #NHIReady?

Over 100,000 Bahamians still don’t have their NIB Smart Card. #NHIBahamas wants Bahamians to ensure they are #NHIReady for enrolment in 2017

NHI Bahamas. I'm ready. Are you?

NHI Bahamas encourages all Bahamians to be #NHIready for care in 2017.

I'm registered for NHI and I'm ready

Register for your NIB Smart Card today and be ready for enrolment.

PSA: What Is Primary Care?

Dr. Delon Brennen explains what is included in primary care and why it will benefit all Bahamians.

PSA: Keeping Our Kids Healthy

Children will be able to access primary care services, delivered at no out of pocket cost, when primary care phase begins.

PSA: Registering for NHI Bahamas

We need all Bahamians to have access to affordable health care, which is why NHI aims to remove the barriers to care. Dr. Delon Brennen tells us more.

PSA: Making Health Care Affordable

When we introduce NHI Bahamas, you will be able to see a health care provider without having to worry about money. Dr. Delon Brennen explains how.

PSA: Making Health Care Accessible

We are increasing the level of services available and increasing how many places you are able to access those services.

PSA: Introducing Preventative Care

NHI Bahamas will promote our ability to get into preventative care as opposed to curative care in having to access services after we are already ill.

PSA: How Primary Care Keeps Us Healthy

Dr. Delon Brennen explains how when primary care phase begins, services will benefit all Bahamians to remain healthy.


Dr. Delon Brennen explains how NHI is modernizing our health care system.


Dr. Delon Brennen explains how NHI is improving the health of all Bahamians.

NHI Story: Archbishop Drexel Gomez

Archbishop Drexel Gomez explains the importance of ‪NHI Bahamas and urges all Bahamians to ‪get care by registering for an NIB Smart Card.

NHI Story: Sir Charles Carter

Sir Charles Carter wants to ensure that the right for health is a universal right in this country for all Bahamians.

NHI Story: Bishop Simeon Hall

Bishop Simeon Hall calls on all Bahamians to join in the implementation of NHI Bahamas by registering for an NIB Smart Card.


Damara Dillett aims to ensure that all Bahamians have health care meeting the standards of the World Health Organization.

NHI Story: Dr. Coovadia

Dr. Coovadia explains that the goal of universal health care is to ensure that every patient has access to a clean hospital, a caring nurse, a trusted doctor, safe and affordable medicine, and the freedom from the fear of financial devastation.

NHI Story: Minister Darville

'Universal Health Care is a must,' says the Minister for Grand Bahama Dr. Darville. 'For the first time in our country, those who presently do not have access to health care will be able to access essential services to ensure their health and well-being is maintained.'

NHI Story: NHI On The Street

NHI Bahamas spoke to Bahamians about modern, affordable and accessible health care and what it means to them. This is their NHI, what's yours? #MyNHI

NHI Story: Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams is the hospital administrator for Grand Bahama Health Services. She explains how the preparation for NHI Bahamas has resulted in modern renovations to hospitals and clinics.

NHI On The Streets 2

NHI Bahamas spoke to Bahamians about modern, affordable and accessible health care and what it means to them. This is their NHI, what's yours? #MyNHI

KPMG Bahamas Tours Grand Bahama

Follow along with KPMG Bahamas as they tour facilities in Freeport, including the Rand Memorial Hospital, Lucayan Medical Centre, The New Sunrise Medical Centre and the Outpatient Specialty Clinic, followed by a meeting with the Minister of Grand Bahama, Minister Darville.

Dr. Kevin Bowe

"Generations to come will have a health care system in place that is sustainable and one that allows immediate access to the services needed,” says Dr. Kevin Bowe, Deputy Director, National Health Insurance & Special Projects, The National Insurance Board of the Bahamas.

NHI On The Streets 4

Bahamians agree: a strong National Health Insurance programme would ensure access to affordable health care for all residents.

Dr. Mark Britnell

Dr. Mark Britnell, Chairman and Partner of KPMG’s Global Health Practice says the Government’s estimation for the cost of NHI Bahamas is reasonable, responsible and sustainable.

NHI On The Streets 3

NHI Bahamas spoke to Bahamian women for their perspective on National Health Insurance.

Friends of the Blood Bank

With the introduction of NHI Bahamas, The Blood Bank will be an instrumental part of ensuring the health of all Bahamians

The Bahamas Red Cross Society

Director General, Caroline Turnquest describes how NHI Bahamas will help the most vulnerable in our society. "Those individuals put health care on the back burner, even if they need it"

Exuma Town Hall

Hear what some of our Exuma residents had to say after attending an #NHIBahamas Town Hall.

House of Assembly debates NHI Bill

Catch an inside glimpse of the NHI Bill Debate that occurred in the House of Assembly during August 2016

Health officials and advisors tour clinics in New Providence and Abaco, May 2016

Follow along with health officials and advisors as they tour facilities in New Providence and Abaco, including the South Beach Clinic, Adelaide Community Clinic, Hope Town Clinic, Auskell Medical Centre, Marsh Harbour Clinic and the Abaco Mini Health Centre.

NHI Story: Registered Nurses Eltoya McPhee Dean & Lynette Daxson

NHI Bahamas spoke to Registered Nurses Eltoya McPhee Dean and Lynette Daxson to find out their perspectives on National Health Insurance.