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National Health Insurance Authority Board Members Announced
National Health Insurance Authority Board Members Announced

Nassau, The Bahamas – July 26th, 2017 — Today, the composition of the Board of Directors of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) was announced. The Board has been appointed in accordance with the National Health Insurance Act, 2016. Dr. Robin Roberts has been named Chairman and Mrs. Judy Whitehead has been named Deputy Chairman.

The Board will effectively act as the governing body that performs the functions and exercises the powers of the NHIA and reports to the Minister responsible for National Health Insurance. The Board will oversee and work closely with the NHI Bahamas technical team to review, plan and operationalize the overall strategy and operations of the NHI Bahamas programme.

In addition to the Chair and Vice-chair, the Board, consisting of 12 persons in total, includes the following individuals:

  • Emmanuel Komolafe – Bahamas Insurance Association Representative
  • Montgomery Braithwaite –  Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation Representative
  • Barbara Wilson – Allied Health/Nursing Representative
  • Bernard Evans  – National Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas Representative
  • Terneille Burrows – Patients and Beneficiaries Representative
  • Leyvon Miller  – Patients and Beneficiaries Representative
  • Dr. Marcus Eugene Cooper – GastroCare Bahamas
  • Nicola Virgill-Rolle – Director National Insurance Board

In addition, the Board will consist of Ex Officio members including:

  • Dr. Pearl Miller -Chief Medical Officer (Acting)
  • Graham Whitmarsh – Managing Director NHI
  • Lillian Quant-Forbes –  Ministry of Social Services
  • Michele Fields – Superintendent of the Insurance Commission

While these Ex Officio members will play an important role advising and supporting the work of the Board and the NHIA, they do not have a formal voting position.

Among its various functions, the NHIA will:

  • Implement the plan for NHI Bahamas to facilitate the provision of modern, affordable, and accessible health care services to all eligible Bahamians
  • Establish and implement mechanisms for quality assurance in the delivery of health care and wellness benefits and services under NHI Bahamas
  • Promote improved methods and levels of efficiency in the delivery of health care and wellness benefits and services on the road to Universal Health Coverage in The Bahamas

The establishment of the NHIA Board is a significant milestone for the evolution of NHI Bahamas. The Board will explore, among other decisions, financing mechanisms for NHI Bahamas and the expansion of services beyond primary health care, laying the framework for the provision of catastrophic health coverage for the people of The Bahamas.

Since the roll-out of Phase 3 of NHI Bahamas, Primary Health Care services, over 27,000 Bahamians have enrolled in the programme and are eligible to access primary care services with no cost at point of care.

The NHIA will continue to provide updates to the public and stakeholders on the progression and potential changes to the programme.

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